Friday, September 1, 2017

Birthday Girls

Summer is birthday season as Emma and Violet's birthdays are in June and July. Matthew was traveling for work on Emma's birthday so we celebrated early with a small birthday tea. She had her traditional cinnamon rolls on the morning of her birthday before she headed off on a field trip for school. Violet chose to bake a double fudge chocolate cake for her birthday and we went to the beach to celebrate. We had an American Girl themed party in August with friends and celebrated with family in Wisconsin in July. 

Two Months

Henry is our smiley little guy. He is having more awake time during the day and has started to talk and coo. At two months Henry weighed 12lbs 3oz and was 23 1/2in long. Henry loves to snuggle up, have books read to him, and loves to be held close. As the weather warmed, he liked to be outside and to look at the leaves in the trees while in the stroller. Henry enjoyed his first picnic at the library and does well being out and about running errands and helping with school activities. 

Fair Week

Emma and Violet worked hard all spring and summer to prepare exhibits for the fair. Planting sunflowers from seed, creating needle crafts, painting artwork, growing vegetables, and baking. We all enjoyed the fair food. Horses and goats are always the girls favorites to see and pet. Emma and Violet are already planning what to exhibit for next year.

Summer Lovin'

As summer comes to a close, it has been fun to look back on the activities that filled our summer. Emma and Violet create a bucket list of places they like to go and events they want to attend. We were able to captures a few...

Meeting native Michigan animals at the library and learning about their habitats

Friday night concerts at the bandshell

Solar eclipse party at the library

Morning school work to be ready for Kindergarten

Picnics on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan

Watching the sunset over the lake

Date nights out for ice cream

Beach days

Yard work and gardening

Enjoying the local art

Snacks and shenanigans on the front porch

Marshmallow structures

Packed up and ready to travel

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Girls on the Run

Emma participated in a program called Girls on the Run this spring. For 10 weeks she participated with other third through fifth grade girls working on team building, self confidence, friendship, and training for a 5K run. Emma had a wonderful team of coaches who motivated all the girls to do their best and encourage each other. Matthew was Emma's running buddy the day of the 5K and they had a great time participating with girls from schools across our county. 

One Month

Henry is our sweet lovable addition and has truly blended right into our family. There is never a shortage of love or snuggles for him, especially with three big sisters. After a slow start, he surpassed his birth weight at three weeks weighing in at 8lbs. 6oz. His personality is quite mellow and is very cuddly. Cora has adjusted well to becoming a big sister and very sweet with him.

Art Lab

Glitter, glue, leaves, sticks, you name it and our girls will turn it into an art project. Matthew says that our house will never be glitter free no matter how much we vacuum, so far we have managed to keep it off Henry. It is fun to watch their enthusiasm for art continue to grow.