Friday, October 28, 2016

Fair Week

Fair week was as eventful as ever. The summer was spent cultivating the garden and watering flowers in anticipation for fair entries. The excitement level peaked when a hawk landed near our property on the day fair entries were due and Emma was able to capture a photo and submit it as an entry. Here are just a few of the submissions Emma and Violet made this year. 

Everyone loves fair corn dogs....except Cora. Maybe next year she will be a bigger fan.

                                                                      Violet's Marigolds

Violet's Hydrangea

                                                                    Emma's zucchini

                                                                   Emma's Zinnias

Emma's Gerald the Giraffe painting

Violet's Class A rhubarb

In Loving Memory

                                   On September 4, we lost a dear mother and grandmother, Cheryl Rasmussen, to melanoma. Our hearts are grieving, however we are thankful for the sweet memories we have and the precious time spent together. We long for the day when we will be together with her once more.



Summertime is full of traveling and local activities. Here are a few snapshots of our summer.

                                                        Meeting new baby cousins

A visit to American Girl Place in Chicago

Apple Cider donuts with Dad on Father's Day

                                               Dressed up for the annual Leco picnic

Enjoying our favorite local ice cream shops


Exploring the Beach Bug themed local art on the bluff

                           Riding the Carousel and a visit from Grandpa Bill and Grandpa Jan

Packers Game Day in Wisconsin with cousins

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fifteen and Sixteen Months

Cora loves to spend time outside, and our spring this year had quite the cool start. She will go and get her shoes and come running when you say the word outside or open the front door. Cora loves to eat at the picnic table with the big girls, and can climb the play set and slide down the slide all on her own. Cora will say "uh oh" when she drops an item and loves to read books. Her favorites have animals in them. At 15 months she weighed 21lbs 9oz and was 31 1/2 in. Cora loves to pet our cats and has added so many new words to her vocabulary including "moo" and "meow". She will frequently pull shoes out of baskets and the closet to try them on and likes to climb stool to turn on the water and play in the sink. Cora is drawn to crayons and chalk and likes to color at the art table and in our driveway. 


Birthday Girls

Emma's birthday weekend we enjoyed her jazz performance at her dance concert and a special visit from Pappa and Grandma. Her birthday began at dawn with cinnamon rolls with Matthew before he left for an early flight to San Antonio for a business trip. Violet chose to go to our favorite local bakery for pastries and an impromptu family movie date to see Finding Dory, she even chose blue frosting with fish sprinkles for her birthday brownies. Two sweet days with our birthday girls!

Spring in Second Grade

The school year always ends in a flurry of activity. Brown school has a mileage club and our entire family enjoys walking together and volunteering over Emma and Matthew's lunch hour. Emma participated in Brown school's science night researching and displaying the trees in our yard. She enjoyed a field trip to the local art museum where they made sculptures out of ordinary objects, and muffins with moms is always a sweet treat together the week of Mother's Day. The last day of school it is hard to say good bye to the wonderful teachers who have helped Emma grow throughout the year. On to third grade she goes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016