Thursday, February 16, 2017


Violet has been participating in a homeschool cooperative this year as a Kindergartener and is really thriving. We enjoy having her at home one extra year before going to school all day every day in the fall. Cora has been learning right along with her. Violet's activities include field trips to the theater, local farms, and universities. She is participating in swim and dance lessons provided by the cooperative, and loves to be with kids her own age. At home, Violet likes to paint, teach Cora how to complete puzzles, read, and work on her writing. 

Tea to Celebrate Two

Cora celebrated her second birthday with an afternoon tea to which she chose raspberry lemonade for her tea cup. Dessert for breakfast on birthdays is the tradition in our house, and Emma selected raspberry kringle. Cora very much wanted to be like her big sisters and have her very own doll. Emma and Violet helped her select a doll at the American Girl store, and Cora loves to play picnics and twirl with her doll and big sisters.







Not so Much Snow

It has been an unusual winter here in SW Michigan. With the weather being warmer than normal, the girls have taken every opportunity to be out in the snow...when there is snow on the ground. We have a small hill in our yard just right for sledding and rolling down, and Cora likes to be pulled around on her sled as though it is wagon.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nineteen and Twenty Months

Ever sweet and expressive, Cora likes to keep up with the big girls. She is a great helper cleaning windows and will empty the cabinets while we are baking. We often find toys and random items in the cabinets when we are cooking. Cora loves to paint and color, pulling out colored pencils and crayons while Emma and Violet are completing their school work. Cora will call out to our mail carrier when she stops at the mailbox, and her favorite word is "no" even when she means to say yes. There are several versions of "no" to interpret. Cora is now fully dairy tolerant and can drink cows milk. Popcorn movie nights are one of her favorites and she has viewed the full myriad of Barbie movies her sisters have chosen from the library. Cora likes to read books on long car trips and build with blocks. She is quite good at stacking and demolishing. She ate a majority of our raspberry crop this year before we could even get them in the house, and loves to be silly with her sisters

Fall Festivities

Just a few of our fall activities....

Farm animals to meet and pet in St. Joseph. The baby chicks were the most popular by far

A trip to Grand Rapids to see Peter Pan Ballet with Violet's homeschool group

A visit from the St. Joseph Fire Dept at the local library

Pumpkin patch and apple cider donuts with Violet's homeschool group

Navigating and hiking the nature trails at Sarett Nature Center

Hiking the sand dunes and following deer tracks at Warren Dunes State Park

Seventeen and Eighteen Months

Cora spent the summer outside with her big sisters splashing in puddles, writing with chalk, and getting just plain dirty. She taught herself how to ride a three wheel scooter and would enjoy outdoor lunches at the picnic table on our patio. Cora loves her new baby cousin Lucas and will hold him whenever she can. Cora is saying more words and signing to classical music on the radio like she is an opera singer. If there is a new pair of shoes in the house, Cora will try them on and walk around in them the best she can no matter the size. As always she is full of expression and sweet smiles

Fall Leaves

Raking, twirling, jumping, playing, we have enough leaves in our yard to do it all. For eight weeks fall leaves are a family affair as we race against the clock to collect them before the snowflakes fly. One of the girls favorite fall books is by author and illustrator Lois Ehlert called Leaf Man. We collected leaves and other natural materials around our neighborhood to create our own Leaf People this year.